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Review the links below for the very latest news and press releases from EH National Bank.

2015-06-23 – EHNB Launches New Advertising Campaign: "Bank Better"
2015-03-09 – James C. Wall retires from EH National Bank’s Board of Directors
2014-06-23 – Important News: EHNB's Beverly Hills Branch & Corporate Office is moving in September 2014
2014-04-30 – Announcement of Bank Fee Changes
2014-02-08 – Selected News & Notes from EH National Bank
2014-02-08 – EHNB 2013 Holiday Reception at the Beverly Hills Hotel
2014-01-27 – Sinan Sinanian Joins EH National Bank's Board of Directors
2013-10-07 – Selected News & Notes from EH National Bank
2013-03-13 – Take 10 - 10 Questions w/ Peter Aharonyan, President/CEO of EH National Bank
2013-02-02 – EHNB Holiday Reception Images
2012-12-11 – A Better Web. Now On Display.
2012-09-25 – John Sadd Joins EH National Bank’s Board of Directors
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